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Story Dance*
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Connie Regan-Blake Interview
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Mesa Storytelling Festival 2008
With: K. Sean Buvala [website]

The Mesa Storytelling Festival 2008 Page.

Audio Interviews
We've included some interviews, conducted by Sean Buvala, listed below from the 6th Annual Mesa Storytelling Festival 2008.

In part one, you will hear from Charlotte Blake Alston as she talks about the power of music in storytelling. In part two, you will hear from Kala JoJo as he talks about unique experiences. In part three, one of the teenage tellers, Shannon, talks about her experiences of storytelling vs. theater. We are also joined by Shannon's father who talks about how he sees the storytelling experience influence both of his daughters who participated in the Mesa Festival.

Blog Comments
Sean also posted some casual comments about the Mesa Festival at his blog. You can find those note listed here. Storyteller Tim Ereneta also posted a few comments about festivals in general, influenced by what he read about the Mesa Festival, at this link here.

We also have a written transcript of the interview between Charlotte and Sean. You can download the transcript at this link here.

Mark Goldstein published this set of photos online:

You can use these links here to download the mp3 files of the interviews.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Windows Media
Use the links below to stream the interviews in you Windows Media Player.

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<> Part 1
<> Part 2
<> Part 3

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