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Lucy Stone*
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NSN Pre-Conference 2005 Interviews, Session One*
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Storytelling with Teens and Tweens
With: K. Sean Buvala [website] director and national storyteller Sean Buvala talks about storytelling to and with "Tweens and Teens." Specifically, he talks about storytelling with those in the 12-20 age group. This Amphitheater is produced in conjunction with Eric Wolf from was the first online resource to provide audio interviews with Storytelling leaders via the Amphitheater. Although we still provide some unique interviews and performances, Eric has picked up the trail and provides weekly interviews with a variety of storytellers. Welcome to the fold, Eric!

In this Amphitheater, in four parts, Sean and Eric discuss techniques for working with teens, the nature of coaching, how to develop your skills with adolescents, how to integrate storytelling into a variety of subject matters and how to become involved in working with youth. Lots of information and good, solid learning for you!

"Eric, thanks for having Sean as a guest. His insights were helpful and direct, and I know your listeners (myself included) appreciate the wisdom that Sean was willing to share."-Tim Ereneta

Sean's CD for teenage boys is "Calling Out A Rising Sun" and is available at

There are also a few offers of interest at the end of part four, so be prepared to take a few notes.

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<> Part 1
<> Part 2
<> Part 3
<> Part 4

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