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National Storytelling Conference 2006 Interviews*
With: Tim Ereneta [website] was there covering the National Storytelling Conference 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sponsored by the National Storytelling Network, the conference was five days of events, workshops, performances and talking, talking talking. (not associated with the National Storytelling Network) director Sean Buvala covered this year's conference in audio interviews with tellers and video snips of events.


Click these links below to see , in Windows Media, the two short videos from the conference:

Video One

Video Two


Use the links at the bottom ("Listen to the Amphitheater") of this article to hear the following interviews in Windows Media. These interviews are like a course in storytelling. Don't miss the nuggets of wisdom in each one.

Part One: Storyteller and cartoonist Joe Wos talks about the conference, Pittsburgh-ese and the role of video in promoting storytelling

Part Two: Jeremy Evans, one of the youngest people ever to be a featured storyteller at regional festivals talks about his view on New Voices as well as just how heavy the mythical torch really is at 18 years old.

Part Three: NSN board member Michael D. McCarty talks about the joys of a large conference and some of the challenges facing Storytelling and the NSN organization as a whole.

Part Four: Featured regional teller Charles Kiernan reflects on the conference as a first-time attendee as well as being a featured storyteller in the regional concert. By the way, you can hear the story Charles' told at the concert, "Uncle Willard's Catfish, " when you click on his name and visit his page with us.

Part Five: Megan Hicks, also a featured teller at the regional conference and long time member of the directory, talks about her views of the conference, how the Groundhog found her and her take on telling Civil War stories.

Part Six: Kevin Cordi, well known as an expert in youth storytelling, not only talks about his take on the conference and his new projects but also recaps his comments from the Sunday morning panel discussion on the future of storytelling.

Part Seven: Karen Chace talks about her conference experience as well as how the Internet plays a role for all types of storytellers.

Part Eight: California based storyteller Tim Ereneta talks about his work and his thoughts on the new directions the new media means for storytellers both on and off line.

Other Features:

Use this link to hear an interview with the program director from IParenting Media Awards.

Use this link to visit the page of Linda Goodman who told the story of "Pearl" at the regional conference. You can hear that story again when you click on the link on the right hand side of her page with us here at

Listen To The Amphitheater:
In Windows Media Player
<> Part 1
<> Part 2
<> Part 3
<> Part 4
<> Part 5
<> Part 6
<> Part 7
<> Part 8

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