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Sandburg Out Loud: A Collection of Carl Sandburg’s...Stories

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PodCast June 1, 2006 with
With: Harriet Cole [website]

It's here, the June 1, 2006 edition of the Amphitheater: Podcast Edition!

The Podcast is free of charge to you the listener! Sponsored by

Featured on this June 1 Podcast:

Stories by: Sean Buvala, Kindra Gayle McGrane, Harriet Cole and Laura Bobrow.
Product Review: PitchAStory Board Game
Coaching Tip: Episodic Telling
"Talk Back": Our newest feature launches

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New Feature Starts This Month: Talk Back to the Podcast.

Call us and join in the fun. Our "question of the month" this month is:

"What's your favorite story?"

Think through YOUR answer and call our recording hotline, Leave your first name, your location and your answer. Speak loud and clear and your answer could end up on a future edition of the Podcast!

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