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Reports from the NSMA 1999 Conference*
With: Priscilla Howe

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PodCast May 2006 with
With: [website]

The new (Free) Amphitheater:PodCast Edition for May 2006 is now online! was one of the first (if not the first) to make a variety of stories available on the Internet in one location. We then started the Amphitheater with interviews, stories and in the "field" reports. We’ve had some imitators since then, but we were the first with that concept. All of those services were(and are) free of charge. We’ve been at this nine years as of April 2006- serving the storytelling community.

Now, we’ve added the Podcast! Our May 2006 Edition is live and ready to go. And, it’s free of charge, too. You can listen online or download and load it up in your mp3 player.

Listen in Windows Media by using the links below the article.

Click here to hear it now as an .mp3!

Here is a back up for the file:

The May 2006 Podcast:

In 30 minutes, we include three stories- "The One Bedroom Apartment" by Kindra Gayle, "Two Farthings" by Sean Buvala and "Grandpa Al and Max" by Glenda Bonin. There’s a coaching moment with Sean Buvala and a CD review of "The Family Gazette." Sponsored this month by .

Talent and Links:

Sean Buvala (host, stories and coaching): >

Kindra Gayle (stories): >

Glenda Bonin: >

Storytelling Coaching: >

CD: "The Family Gazette" : > Available at . @ Borders: (Avondale, AZ): > .

Listen To The Amphitheater:
In Windows Media Player
<> Part 1

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