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How the Whale Got His Throat
Told By Jenni Cargill-Strong

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Timpanogos Festival, 1999*
With: K. Sean Buvala

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Going Deep Storytelling Festival*
With: Liz Warren [website] director, Sean Buvala, recently sat down with some of the founders of the "Going Deep Storytelling Festival." In this latest edition of the Amphitheater, Sean talks to Priscilla Howe and Liz Warren. For a written review of the festival, you can read Priscilla's review of the Going Deep Festival at her blog by clicking here now.

The "Going Deep Festival" tackled some interesting issues in today's storytelling environment. Thoughts about length of stories, the how and why of long stories, the market for and marketing of and the benefit for the teller of long stories all are examined on the Festival.

Listen now in the Amphitheater to learn more. We present this two part interview in two different ways. First, you can click below to hear parts one and two in Windows Media. You can also hear the entire interview in a PodCast or .mp3 format. If you'd like the entire interview in this manner, you can use this link now.

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<> Part 1
<> Part 2

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