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Gray's Hat*
Told By K. Sean Buvala

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Mesa Storytelling Festival 2008
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NSN Pre-Conference 2005 Interviews, Session Two*
With: Kevin Cordi [website]

Here come a series of interviews before the National Storytelling Network's (NSN) July 2005 Conference, July 13-17, 2005.

Please note that is NOT associated with the NSN in any way.

We're featuring pre-conference interviews with tellers who appear in the directory who are presenting in some manner at the conference. Here's the pre-conference schedule of interviews:

In Session Two, Storyteller Kevin Cordi will be presenting a Pre-Conference gathering on Youth Storytelling on Wednesday at the July conference. Kevin would also like you to know about the Youth Concert on Tuesday. You'll find Kevin's interview below in Part One below. Just click it to listen.

In Session One, we've also talked with Chris King about her "Fringe Festival" Presentation. Click here to get to that section of the Amphitheater.

In Session Three, Storyteller Marilyn Kinsella shares some preview thoughts about her workshop at the Conference. Click here now to hear Session Three with Marilyn!

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