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Hana and the Dragon (And Other Tales from Japan)

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Blood On the Moon: French and Indian War, Track 2*
Told By Alan Irvine

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Storytelling with Teens and Tweens
With: K. Sean Buvala

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Glenda Bonin in the Amphitheater
With: Glenda Bonin [website]

Come next door to the Amphitheater and join Sean Buvala and Glenda Bonin for a light lunch in the coffee shop. Glenda has just finished a wonderful program at the local public library as she and Sean begin to talk about a variety of telling related subjects. Glenda is a "working teller" who has many years of experience to share. We think you will enjoy this interview. So, pull up a seat next to us, order yourself a beverage and listen in as we talk and share with Glenda.

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Part One: Glenda talks about: building a program for mixed age groups, importance of a flexible program and style, using the "energy" of the listeners gathered, why you would want to be nearsighted, working with teens and earning the right to be heard,

Part Two: Sean talks with Glenda about how you adapt stories, the use of Magic, the "ohh" moments of an audience.

Part Three: Glenda describes using puppets in stories, some things about parent manners. and Sean talks about his battle with an aggressive two year old.

Part Four: Learn about Glenda's new web site at, bartering as a tool for storytellers and finally hear Glenda's advice for new tellers: "Believe in yourself and don't give up."

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Come Learn the Art of Storytelling.

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