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New- The Story-Skilled Child Workshops
Posted 2016-03-22 by SNStaff
We’re happy to tell you about our latest offering for schools, especially for U.S. schools using Title 1 parent-involvement programming. Focusing on immediately useful content for the parents of young children, our »more

Join Our Long-Running & Unique Email Update!
Posted 2016-02-14 by SNStaff
Do you get our unique and weekly update Emails? There is a place on the left hand side of every page for you to join our Email list. These updates come out once per week and contain information about articles, »more

New Article: Six Tiny Storytelling Tips
Posted 2016-02-13 by SNStaff
New Article: Six Tiny Storytelling Tips: "What does the flow of your story feel like? Are you rushing through every detail? Does your audience need time to catch up? Can they see their own images as you speak them? Does »more

Book Review: How to Fool A Cat
Posted 2016-01-06 by SNStaff
We’ve reviewed the "How to Fool A Cat: Japanese Folktales for Children" by Fujita and Stallings. A brief clip: "Here is what we think you will really like: these stories, even in the written form, are activ »more

Article: Six Stories You Need in Your Repertoire
Posted 2016-01-06 by SNStaff
"How many stories do I need? As a coach, I like to think of the question a bit deeper. I think it’s important to recognize the type of stories a teacher or teller needs, not just the volume of stories. I’m not referring »more

Book Review: Christmas Spirits
Posted 2015-11-14 by SNStaff
We have a brand new book review up on our site. We’re talking about Carolyn Stearn’s "Christmas Spirits." Snip: "Christmas Spirits" presents some history and creative thinking about the poem, "A Visit from St. »more

So, You’ve Been to A Storytelling Festival. Now What?
Posted 2015-10-06 by SNStaff
Storyteller.net director, Sean Buvala, has posted a new article on his personal blog all about the "cards and letters" we get after major storytelling festivals. We think you’ll enjoy it: "...so, go do that. Dig aroun »more

Our First Kids’s Book is Here!
Posted 2015-09-26 by SNStaff
We are very happy to introduce to you our first kid’s picture book from Storyteller.net! "Apples for the Princess: A Fairytale about Kindness and Honesty" is now available on Amazon.com in both paperback and in th »more

Amphitheater: The 2015 NSN Story Con Event
Posted 2015-07-31 by SNStaff
Listen Now! Storyteller and workshop leader Harriet Cole reports in from the 2015 annual conference of the National Storytelling Network (NSN). The conference is being held in Kansas City, Kansas, USA...the new ho »more

Article: How Artists Can Use Streaming Video
Posted 2015-06-13 by SNStaff
Streaming video creates new ways for the artist and teacher to connect with their audience. We explored the new Periscope app a bit. Storyteller.net director, Sean Buvala, wrote a bit about that and shares some tips on h »more

Book Review: 40 Fun Fables
Posted 2015-06-03 by SNStaff
We’ve posted a brand-new review of "40 Fun Fables" from Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss. A piece: However, where this book truly shines is in its uses for the classroom teacher. The second half of the book, ded »more

Book Review- The Ravenous Gown
Posted 2015-04-06 by SNStaff
We’ve posted an extensive review of storyteller Steffani Raff’s book, "The Ravenous Gown." Read the full review here at this link now. Special content by blog-guest reviewer "The Sunny Miss." Short version: " »more

New Amphitheater: The Name of the Helper
Posted 2015-03-28 by SNStaff
Spin your time into gold. "The Name of the Helper." Brand new! Five storytellers tackle one fairy-tale type, telling folktales from around the world. Audio of concert, audio of discussion, audio of individual stories, to »more

New Amphitheater Podcast: WVAC Storytelling Concert
Posted 2015-03-18 by SNStaff
We’re very excited to bring you the complete recording of the StoryRise concert from the "West Valley Arts Council’s" ArtsHQ event back in the beginning of March 2015. Featuring a great mix of both personal and »more

CD Review- Animal Torah
Posted 2015-02-12 by SNStaff
We’ve take a look and listen to the latest CD by storyteller Anna Sobel. "Animal Torah" has fun stories from the book of Genesis. It is a fun story-and-music treat for the young storytelling connoisseurs in your life You »more

Personal Storytelling? Take Our Sea-Glass Workshop!
Posted 2015-01-17 by SNStaff
Personal storytelling can be some of the most compelling storytelling or it can be a storyteller just dumping on an audience. What is the difference? Storyteller.net director Sean Buvala has developed a way of looking at »more

Book Review: You Are Special Just the Way You Are
Posted 2015-01-08 by SNStaff
You Are Special Just the Way Your ARe Reviewed by Sean Buvala on Jan 14. Fun, engaging children’s book helping kids to understand their self worth. Memorable collage illustrations. Rating: 4.1 We’re taking a »more

Book Review: Playing with Stories by Kevin Cordi
Posted 2014-11-19 by SNStaff
We’ve reviewed the latest work by storyteller Kevin Cordi. Looking at his new "Playing with Stories" book, we said: While the idea of starting a story "in the middle" is not a new idea to story crafters, being giv »more

The Story of the Jack O’Lantern
Posted 2014-10-30 by SNStaff
"When you carve those hideous faces...." Day four of our Storyteller.net Halloween set of stories. Oh, do come and "enjoy" these audio stories. Today, Judith Black tells you the story of the Jack O’Lantern in her own uni »more

Chickens Invade Our Halloween Stories
Posted 2014-10-29 by SNStaff
Yet another story added for our Halloween Series. Wednesday we mix it up with some storytelling that’s a little lighter. Priscilla Howe tells her story of "Chickens" for your entertainment. A new story everyday this week »more

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