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New #NSNStoryCon2014 Interview with Priscilla Howe
Posted 2014-09-23 by SNStaff
Let’s talk story poems. Long-time Storyteller.net directory member (and supporter and presenter) Priscilla Howe sat down with Sean Buvala at the "National Storytelling Network’s" annual conference in the Summer of 2014. »more

Do You Get Our Useful Enewsletter?
Posted 2014-09-22 by SNStaff
Do you get our weekly Email newsletter? We’re running a series at the moment taking you through essential storytelling skills letter by letter. Join us. Others say, "I’m glad you are providing this series to aw »more

Amphitheater with Caleb Winebrenner from #NSNStoryCon 2014
Posted 2014-08-23 by SNStaff
Sean Buvala interviews storyteller Caleb Winebrenner who was a first-time attendee at a National Storytelling Network’s Summer Conference. They talk about Caleb’s impressions of the conference and a bit about the integra »more

Amphitheater: Sam Payne from The Apple Seed
Posted 2014-08-13 by SNStaff
Sean Buvala sits down, late at night, with the host of "The Apple Seed" storytelling radio program from BYU.org. Storyteller Sam Payne shares his thoughts about the diversity and abundance of content from the stor »more

STEM or STEaM? Latest Podcast with Carolyn Stearns
Posted 2014-08-03 by SNStaff
Do you do much with STEM or STEaM education? In our latest Amphitheater podcast from the 2014 ‪#‎NSNStoryCon‬, we interview Carolyn Stearns. There is a big chunk of conversation about her work with STEa »more

More NSNStoryCon 2014: Bobby Norfolk
Posted 2014-08-01 by SNStaff
Sean Buvala talks with storyteller, artist and author Bobby Norfolk when they met up at the National Storytelling Convention in Mesa, Arizona. In this brief storyteller podcast, Sean and Bobby talk about new projects »more

Podcast: Lyn Ford at the NSNStoryCon 2014.
Posted 2014-07-31 by SNStaff
Storyteller.net was at the NSN2014 Story Conference in Mesa, Arizona and boy do we have a set of interviews for your. Let’s get started with the audio and transcript for our interview with Lyn Ford. She and Sean talked a »more

Book Review: The New Book of Plots
Posted 2014-07-24 by SNStaff
Loren Niemi’s book, "The New Book of Plots: Constructing Engaging Narratives for Oral and Written Storytelling," allows the reader to see, understand and apply the diverse ways to move through a story’s timeline. You can »more

Storytellers! Get Listed in the Directory.
Posted 2014-07-23 by SNStaff
Come get your page in our directory. Tell the world about your work as a storyteller and communicator. Visit this link now to learn how. »more

Book Review- Tales of the Sonoran Desert
Posted 2014-07-08 by SNStaff
We’re taking a look at Dr. Joyce Story’s newest book of "Tales from the Sonoran Desert." We said, "Of course, reading her comments in the text, Joyce is correct that the Sonoran desert is not empty. The plants and an »more

Do You Get Our Enewsletter?
Posted 2014-04-01 by SNStaff
Do you get our weekly(ish) Email newsletter? We’re running a series at the moment taking you through essential storytelling skills letter by letter. Join us. Others say, "I’m glad you are providing this seri »more

Book Review: Affrilachian Tales
Posted 2014-03-30 by SNStaff
We think you will enjoy the diverse tales in Lyn Ford’s book of "Affrilachian Tales: Folktales from the African-American Appalachian Tradition." Stories across an entire culture and in many formats are found in the book. »more

Book Review: From Plot to Narrative
Posted 2014-03-27 by SNStaff
We’ve taken a look at the "From Plot to Narrative" book by Elizabeth Ellis. A quote: "’From Plot to Narrative,’ written by Elizabeth Ellis, gives the novice storyteller a chance to think about the creation of s »more

New Amphitheater: Beauty and the Beast Stories
Posted 2014-03-25 by SNStaff
On March 21, we had five unique storytellers with diverse backgrounds and with local, national and international experience in telling stories. We turned them loose with the goal of telling a story from the "tale type" o »more

Greetings Musical-Instrument-Museum Fans.
Posted 2014-03-15 by SNStaff
Many welcomes to the new visitors who saw our shows this past weeekend at the Musical Instrument Museum in Arizona. We’ll be posting a podcast of the stories we told at some point later this week. Please check back with »more

Book Review: Teaching with Story
Posted 2014-03-09 by SNStaff
We’re reviewing Margaret Read MacDonald’s newest book for storytelling in the classroom. Come learn more about "Teaching with Story: Classroom Connections to Storytelling." Along with Jennifer MacDonald Whitman and Natha »more

Learn Storytelling with Our FREE Ecourse!
Posted 2014-02-17 by SNStaff
Storyteller Sean Buvala has created a 25+ session Ecourse to teach you the storytelling techniques you need to grow your skills in oral storytelling. Free of charge, once a week or so, just enroll with the form below. »more

Book Review- The Woman Who Flummoxed the Fairies
Posted 2014-01-07 by SNStaff
New children’s book review posted by our staff! “The Woman Who Flummoxed The Fairies” tells the story of a bakerwoman who finds a clever way to outsmart the Fairie King after she is kidnapped by the faires and t »more

Book Review- Social Studies in the Storytelling Classroom
Posted 2013-12-17 by SNStaff
New Book Review. "Social Studies in the Storytelling Clasroom." "The shortest distance between two points is a story. If the goal of social studies is to help young students bridge the gap between their experiences an »more

Book Review for- Coyote Still Going
Posted 2013-12-11 by SNStaff
"There’s a story in storyteller Ty Nolan’s new book wherein the narrator asks the reader if they recall that sometimes the mountains are not as close as they appear. You set off on your quest and just as you think »more

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